Eggy Party is now available for free on Mobiles

The global launch of Eggy Party will also coincide with its latest seasonal event titled Meet the Stars

NetEase Games announced the global launch of Eggy Party on February 23, 2024, on iOS and Android smartphone platforms. Eggy Party is an engaging multiplayer party game for mobile devices, where players compete with their friends to overcome obstacles and survive in a series of exciting mini-games.

The idea of ​​the game revolves around remaining the last survivor among the contestants, as its events take place on Eggy Island in the Eggyverse. This island enables you to participate in all kinds of fun attractions, collaborate with friends to enjoy multiplayer gameplay, or unleash your creativity by creating and sharing special levels specially designed to challenge others in the Eiji Workshop.

Eggy Party will launch globally on Android and iOS devices on February 23, 2024 in the US, UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and other countries in North and South America, Europe, and the MENA region. At launch, Eggy Party will be playable in English and Spanish, in addition to newly added languages, including German, Portuguese, French, and Arabic.

Due to launch in the Southeast Asia region in September 2023, Eggy Party has achieved a strong presence in regions such as Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand, where it held the top spot on the free games chart in Indonesia for more than a month. The game has also been popular at numerous offline events across Southeast Asia, building a dedicated player base in the region.

“2024 will be a huge year for Eggy Party, as the game expands to millions of people in countries around the world,” said Matt Liu, President of NetEase Games Overseas Publishing. We look forward to more players joining the Eggyverse and sharing the fun!”

The global launch of Eggy Party will also coincide with its newest seasonal event, “Meet the Stars,” which allows the Eggy Family to experience new wonders, including exciting stages, unique costumes, a map-making contest, and a collaborative Eggy Party x Beanie’s Daily event.

Eggy Party: Trendy Party Game
Eggy Party: Trendy Party Game
Developer: Exptional Global
Price: To be announced


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