Assassin’s Creed Shadows Unveils Epic Dual Protagonists Gameplay

The game will release worldwide on November 15th

Today during the Ubisoft Forward Conference, Ubisoft showcased extended new gameplay for Assassin’s Creed Shadows, the upcoming installment of the series immersing players into the chaos of 16th-century Japan. With development led by Ubisoft Québec, the game will release worldwide on November 15th on Ubisoft+, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Amazon Luna, Macs with Apple silicon via the Mac App Store, and Windows PC through the Ubisoft Store and the Epic Games Store. Ubisoft also announced today the game will be coming to iPad*** at a later date.

The gameplay walkthrough mission shown at the conference takes place in the castle town of Fukuchiyama in Timba Province, where Naoe and Yasuke are hunting down a corrupted daimyo. The gameplay illustrates the complementary dynamic between the two playable heroes: Naoe, the agile and stealthy Shinobi, and Yasuke, the combat-focused Samurai. Fighting on opposite sides at the beginning of the game, they will unite around common goals. As they usher in a new era for Japan, players will be able to switch characters at any time in the open world and make use of their unique mix of skills and weapons to tackle situations and face varied enemies in different ways.

Naoe embodies the essence of a Shinobi Assassin. From a versatile grappling hook that allows for stealthy in-air assassinations and greater mobility, to kunai and her custom Hidden Blade for swift eliminations, she has access to a diverse arsenal of tools to strike from the shadows. While more vulnerable in close combat, she can skillfully deflect, dodge enemy strikes, and retaliate with lethal precision, using light, her surroundings, and structures around her to topple her foes.

Yasuke is tailored for direct confrontations, relying on his exceptional combat skills and mastery of Samurai weaponry. Whether wielding the Katana for decisive strikes, opting for raw power with the Kanabo, or engaging opponents from a distance with the arquebuse, he can handle multiple enemies at once.

In addition, players can take advantage of a new exploration feature called the “Spy Network”. Naoe and Yasuke can send out their spies to scout locations to uncover useful information about target locations, habits, and other world secrets. Built from the ground up with the latest version of Anvil engine and the power of new-gen consoles, Assassin’s Creed Shadows immerses players in a captivating feudal Japan open world boasting an unprecedented level of reactivity and dynamism.

With the introduction of a full-year cycle, landscapes undergo transformative changes, reshaping gameplay possibilities as players experience environments impacted by snow, rain, and other conditions throughout the changing seasons. Each region, time of day, and season presents unique challenges and opportunities: in winter, ice may block underwater routes, but as it warms, ponds can be used for stealth. Heavy rain provides natural camouflage for lurking or escaping foes. Naoe and Yasuke will exploit their surroundings in ways that fit their playstyles. Yasuke can break through obstacles with his powerful shoulder bash; and  Naoe can extinguish lights and use the environment to hide from adversaries.

Players who purchase the Gold Edition, Ultimate Edition, Collector Edition, or with a Ubisoft+ Premium subscription can play the game three days early on November 12th. Fans pre-ordering Assassin’s Creed Shadows will receive an additional quest for any pre-ordered edition.


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