Ambitious Open World RPG Where Winds Meet Makes Console Debut in PlayStation State of Play!

The epic action-adventure set in Ancient China Where Winds Meet is coming to PlayStation®5

Everstone Studio was honored to be included in today’s PlayStation State of Play revealing the console premiere for its new action adventure open world RPG game, Where Winds Meet. The show featured a brand-new trailer and revealed the news that this epic journey to the east is coming to PlayStation®5. Where Winds Meet offers a one-of-a-kind adventure inspired by Wuxia, a genre of fiction and cinema featuring martial artists from ancient China often shown performing superhuman feats.

As a wandering swordsman or swordswoman, journeying in ancient China during a period of turmoil, players will discover an unprecedented, colorful open world to explore as they embark on an epic adventure across a vast landscape, where breath-taking vistas unfold before their eyes. They will have the opportunity to master stunning Eastern fighting techniques to improve their combat prowess or, more unusually, use these techniques to solve puzzles and quests across the world’s villages, cities and countryside.

The background of the story is set in China in the tenth century, during the turbulent era of the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period. Players will play the role of a young swordsman or swordswoman and embark on a journey to uncover the mystery of their identity. In the brand-new trailer first released during the PlayStation State of Play, players can choose the gender of their protagonist as male or female and use their combat skills to overcome the challenges in Where Winds Meet as they see fit.

The brand-new trailer also highlighted a host of formidable new bosses such as Rongyuan – a strict female officer and excellent craftsman, and the River God – a gang leader pretending to be a fish seller, that will really challenge those fighting skills. We also witnessed some more of the beautiful details to be enjoyed in the game, with scenes from a bamboo forest. High-quality, realistic, real-time weather and lighting rendering, and intricate details all characterize the graphics and art style of Where Winds Meet and provide a wholly immersive experience to all these locations.

At the heart of Where Winds Meet of course is the original Wuxia combat system that offers diverse weapons and skills, allowing the player’s character to master the precision of Chinese martial arts. Players can engage in close-quarters combat using Spear, Sword, Twin Blades, Glaive, or utilize a lethal bow for ranged attacks. There was also a brand-new weapon that was revealed in the PlayStation State of Play in the form of an umbrella used both to defend against the assassin’s attack and also as an offensive weapon to strike back against your assailant.


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