Square Enix Launches New Foamstars Season – Groovy Disco

Play as New Character "Coiff Guy", Join Seasonal Events and More

Today, SQUARE ENIX launched GROOVY DISCO, the second season of FOAMSTARS, the new online 4v4 foam party shooter on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. GROOVY DISCO features a new character, new missions, and limited time events, as well as a variety of new free and premium cosmetic content. GROOVY DISCO runs from March 8 until April 12.

Season Two Highlights Include

  • A new FOAMSTAR – Coiff GuyCoiff Guy can be acquired by all players for free as a Tier 31 reward for the Season Pass or obtained immediately by purchasing the Premium Pass.
  • More FOAMSTAR Missions: Three new Missions dive deeper into the FOAMSTARS backstories and introduce Dark Ramzey – a new boss to battle.
  • Extreme Party: Two special themed modes to celebrate the newest FOAMSTAR; the All Coiff Guy Party – where every player competes as Coiff Guy, and the Super Duel Party, where players battle 1-on-1.
  • Ranked Party: Two limited-time seasonal events, the solo player-based Ranked Party Lonestar and team-based Ranked Party Tribe-Vibe.
  • Happy FriYAY Party: A limited-time party event to try-out next season’s FOAMSTAR.
  • Weekly free limited-time items: Every Friday the shop will feature a new free item available for everyone. Week one is Jet Justice’s Dance A emote.

FOAMSTARS is available to purchase for $29.99* via the PlayStation® Store and requires a PlayStation Plus subscription. A Premium Season Pass is available for purchase at $5.99.


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