Bungie Announces Details on Destiny 2: Into the Light

Developers to reveal details on the new content via weekly streams leading up to launch

Today, Bungie announced that the anticipated two-month content update, Destiny 2: Into the Light, is launching on April 9, 2024, available to all players. Leading up to the launch, a series of three livestreams featuring the development team will showcase new content, features, and rewards with hands-on gameplay. These streams are scheduled for March 19, March 26, and April 2. Additionally, viewers will have the chance to earn two unique emblems through Twitch Drops during the livestream series. Details on how to link your accounts and specific instructions on how to earn these drops are available on Bungie’s This Week in Destiny blog.

Destiny 2 is also collaborating with Ghostbusters to offer themed in-game items on March 19 for the release of Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, in theaters on March 22. The Ghostbusters Firehouse accessory pack includes a Slimer Exotic Ghost shell, a Garraka-inspired Exotic Sparrow, and an Ecto-1-themed Exotic ship. As a bonus, any player who purchases a Ghostbusters item from the Eververse in-game will be eligible to download a physical Bungie Rewards Slimer Ghost shell papercraft mask, at no extra cost.

Guardian Games All-Stars is still underway, now through March 26. Hunters, Titans, and Warlocks are vying for class glory through different in-game challenges. To commemorate this special All-Star event, all players who participate can enjoy the new hoverboard Skimmer vehicle, complete with tricks!

Destiny 2: The Final Shape launches on June 4, 2024, when players will take on the Witness in the biggest battle the Guardians have faced yet. To prepare for the fight ahead, PlayStation Plus subscribers can now redeem their access to The Witch Queen expansion at no additional cost until April 1.


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