Cling To What Keeps You Human with The Devil Within: Satgat on April 3, 2024

Defy the darkness in this 2.5-D platformer launching on PC

Newcore Games is pleased to announce that The Devil Within: Satgat will be launching on PC on April 9. The announcement comes with an all-new gameplay trailer featuring never-before-seen characters as they fight to rescue a shattered world from a mysterious demonic plague, with music from Matthew Kiichi Heafy of Trivium fame. The game can be wishlisted on Steam here.

The Devil Within: Satgat is more than just a platformer – it’s a meditation on what makes a man a hero, and what makes a hero a man,” said Manje Lee, Creative Director of Newcore Games. “We combined story-rich gameplay with intense and varied combat that feels good to play and even better to master. Our game matches strategic play with a beautiful design that welcomes you into our world of tradition and innovation.”

In The Devil Within: Satgat, you play as Kim Rip, a man at war with himself. When demonic forces erupt into the world, Royal Guard member Kim Rip must act to save humanity – at the risk of his own! He’ll have to cross the land fighting devilized humans on his path to destroy The Ebon Sting, the source of the evil energy unleashed on the world.

Players will have multiple weapons to choose from, along with nefarious powers that Kim Rip will earn for each Arch Demon he defeats. As Kim Rip continues growing his powers, players will have an array of offensive, defensive, and mobility abilities to master. The 2.5-D world of The Devil Within: Satgat will also feature thrilling platforming action, with routes that you’ll need to earn the right to explore.


  • Progressing Abilities you’ll earn by fighting and exploring. Every location has opportunities to learn new skills that will aid in uncovering the secrets of the Ebon Sting. 

  • Intense Platforming that pushes your problem-solving abilities and adds a new complication to fights.

  • A Vast World inspired by traditional images and neo-futurist aesthetics. Explore desolate cities, rugged peaks, dense forests, military complexes, and more.

  • Perilous Secrets that all come together to solve an enigmatic riddle about the world at large. What caused the Ebon Sting, and how can one man defeat it? Explore and fight to find out.

Wishlist The Devil Within: Satgat here on Steam. For more information, visit Newcore Games on YouTubeTwitterFacebook, and the official website.


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