Enshrouded Reveals Their Roadmap for 2024

Keen Games provides development goals along the Early Access journey, ahead of full launch in 2025

Keen Games has deliberated after consulting their community and decided on the development roadmap for Enshrouded, the survival ARPG co-op title currently in Early Access, spanning all of 2024, and plans for the first major content update later this month. This high-level overview illustrates the major updates the team hopes to achieve by year-end, though it may be subject to change as time goes on.

The features and content shown here were chosen to reflect the team’s overall vision for the game, with significant influence by the Feature Upvote system, where the community suggested and subsequently voted on their most desired additions. Enshrouded launched into Early Access weeks ago and has enjoyed a thriving rapport with the community, over 2 million players, and a Very Positive (36k reviews) on Steam since.

Most of these highly-desired updates were elevated from the Feature Upvote platform, where the community presented and voted on which features were collectively important. Some examples include the request for portals between servers, further customizations within servers such as nameable bases, pets, animal husbandry (livestock), and of course, the top-voted feature request: weather systems. Other features, such as more biomes and WATER, yes! WATER! Are planned for 2024, along with the full 1.0 launch to Steam, other storefronts, and consoles aimed for 2025.

This plethora of content doesn’t have a linear form yet – as updates and news are released, the team intends to share overall updates and more granular details on major updates as they arrive. The first content update, anticipated later this month, will be outlined soon. However, we can confirm that larger dungeons lie up ahead.

Good news for anyone who has been curious to try Enshrouded now, as the game will receive a discount as part of the Steam Spring Sale, commencing March 14th and ending March 21, 2024.

Enshrouded launched into Early Access on Steam on January 24th, 2024, with full 1.0 and console releases planned in 2025. The game reached 2 million players in the weeks following launch and currently enjoys a Very Positive Steam reception.


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