Reveil Launches Today on PlayStation, Xbox Series and PC

Prepare for an Unforgettable Night Full of Surprises, Horror and REVEIL-ations

Developer Pixelsplit and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment finally open the big top and release the narrative-driven psycho-thriller REVEIL on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. Join Walter Thompson on a treacherous journey through the labyrinth of his own mind and discover his dark past at the Nelson Bros Circus.

Have you ever visited the circus? Left your troubles of everyday life at the door, to enjoy an evening of wonder? What you saw, did it make you question reality? In REVEIL you play as Walter Thompson, a stage builder, a caring husband and a loving father who realizes that he is trapped in a nightmarish world that seems to revolve around his past at the Nelson Bros Circus. However, if the circus teached Walter one thing, then that even when things seem uncontrollable and chaotic, there’s always a method to the madness.

Join Walter on the journey through his disturbing mind and help him to find the only things that matter to him – his wife Martha and his daughter Dorie. Explore mind-bending environments, solve creative puzzles and survive spine-chilling encounters while the line between reality and chaos gets thinner with every step.


  • A deeply psychological experience that will keep you questioning everything.
  • Five playable acts in different, carefully designed environments.
  • First-person narrative experience including:
  • Various puzzles and riddles
  • Beautiful and immersive visual experience
  • Multi-layered narrative with psychedelic, biographical and disturbing elements
  • Atmospheric paintings, posters, writings referring to the circus era of the 60s.


If you’re going to go big, go Big Top! For those who want to support the developers and are looking for an additionally engrossing performance, REVEIL’s Funhouse Edition also launches today. Filled with extra content and media tied to the game, it’s almost like being in the front-row center seat of the show:

  • Five original tracks written and produced for REVEIL
  • Digital Artbook filled with 41 pages of atmos-fear
  • An unlockable black-and-white camera effect
  • Unlockable developer commentary

Unveiled last year, REVEIL has also been featured at the Future Game Show last November, and Fear Fest on Steam in October. REVEIL is now available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.


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