SolForge Fusion is Out Now in Steam Early Access

Take on the Roguelite Campaign or Challenge Players Around the Globe

Strategy game publisher and creator Stone Blade Entertainment is excited to announce that the digital version of its hybrid deck-builder, SolForge Fusion, is now available in Steam Early Access! Featuring a single-player roguelite campaign, competitive and casual PvP dueling, and endless customization options, players can now enjoy the complete SolForge Fusion experience on PC.

Created by Justin Gary (Ascension) and Richard Garfield (Magic: The Gathering), SolForge Fusion is a collectible card-battling game with thousands of cards and near-endless deck possibilities. Algorithmically-generated and printed half-decks can be fused together to create countless strategies, with more deck combinations than atoms in the universe!

Each one-of-a-kind faction deck comes with a unique QR code that can be scanned to add to the player’s online collection. Decks in the online collection can also be used to register for tournaments and other community events. Now, with the Steam version of SolForge Fusion, players can scan their decks into the game and play through the new roguelite campaign or against players worldwide.

Long ago, the planet Solis became trapped in an endless ice age. Life on Solis would have ended, save for the existence of a mysterious tower called the SolForge. At the tower’s peak spins an arcane sun that radiates magic into the world; without this magic, survival on Solis would be impossible.

Incredible power awaits at the SolForge. Only the bravest and most desperate members of each faction on Solis — the technomancing Alloyin, the biomancing Uterra, the necromancing Nekrium, and the Tempys elementalists — dare to attempt the journey. Those who survive the pilgrimage are transformed and reborn as legendary champions known as the Forgeborn!

As one of the mighty Forgeborn, your actions will determine the fate of Solis. Protect your faction, duel with the other Forgeborn, and uncover the mysteries of the SolForge!


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