Survival Epic Soulmask Opens Gates Open Beta on May 1

Play 3rd most popular Next Fest game with 40-hour demo ahead of June 2024 launch

Singapore. Soulmask, the upcoming open-world Survival epic from Qooland Games is thrilled to announce a large-scale global playtest will be available for players to try their luck at survival and domination from May 1st through May 10th on Steam. With 180,000 players with its massive 40-hour demo and reaching 250,000 wishlists, Soulmask cemented its place as the most anticipated sandbox survival title of 2024 with 470,000 hours of gameplay clocked by players of the demo.

As a content-driven open-world sandbox game, Soulmask features a realistic world and survival challenges, with three distinctive gameplay features: Masks, Dynamic Tribesmen and Tribal Management, and a Diverse Physics-based Combat System.


Mask gameplay is at the core of Soulmask. Masks give you the ability to control most of the NPCs in the game world – possess them, take over their bodies, and transform into anyone. As the game progresses, you can discover more masks that embody the spirit of ancient heroes to unlock many different abilities. Harness the gift of immortality, walk among your enemies concealed in the shadows, fire homing missiles with dead accuracy, and more.

Dynamic Tribesmen and Tribal Management

In Soulmask, you can recruit up to 20 tribesmen to build your own tribe. Each tribesman is unique and has a distinct personality. You might recruit bloodthirsty warriors, dexterous hunters, ingenious craftsmen…or a drunk, lazy alcoholic. Soulmask offers powerful AI and command support, which allows you to set up and manage the workflow of clan members with a high degree of freedom: farming, harvesting, assembly line production, base patrol, automatic repair, and even maintenance. Everything can be automated and customized by you.

Diverse Physics-based Combat System

Soulmask also offers a diverse physics-based combat system for players who love to fight. The game features 8 weapon types and 67 skills, allowing players to customize their own fighting style. For example, the spear in Soulmask has up to 8 specialization skills that can be randomly learned, which can be used as a ranged weapon to pull enemies closer or as a melee weapon to pierce enemies hearts!

“We’re overwhelmed with the incredible amount of support and feedback we received from players who joined us for our massive 40-hour demo during Next Fest.” Said Wing, Head of Marketing at Soulmask. “Thanks to the invaluable feedback from players, we’ve been able to make some exciting changes, such as making all terrain climbable in the game. Even though our team is made up of veterans with over 10 years of experience working on MMORPGs, this is our first PC title, so we are beyond appreciative for all of the feedback and support from players. By working alongside players throughout the development process, we hope to make Soulmask something entirely new for the genre that players want to keep coming back to again and again.”

Players can prepare to step into the primitive, mysterious, and immersive world of Soulmask during the global playtest beginning on May 4th until May 17th and joining via Steam. Players ready to ascend to tribal domination can wishlist the game on Steam now.


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