New Gameplay and Release Window Revealed for Capes

Hit your enemies’ weak point for massive damage when Capes launches in May 2024!

Developer Spitfire Interactive and Publisher Daedalic Entertainment just launched a new gameplay trailer for their upcoming turn-based superhero tactics game Capes. The trailer showcases Rebound, a fierce super who uses her shadow-based teleportation powers to outmaneuver her enemies and deliver devastating critical damage. Capes will launch in May 2024 on PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5/4, Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One. The concrete release date will be announced very soon!

Capes is a highly anticipated turn-based superhero strategy game where XCOM fans will feel right at home. Level up your heroes and combine their powers to access devastating team-up attacks in strategically challenging missions. Master compelling tactical gameplay while uncovering a cinematic story: Twenty years ago, the supervillains won. Since then, they’ve created a dystopian city where developing superpowers is a crime and no one has dared oppose them. Until now! Assemble a ragtag team of young heroes and hone their skills and take back King City. Play across the dark and gritty campaign to reveal the truth behind the horrific Enhancement Program of supervillain Operator Alpha and complete optional side-missions to level up your heroes and learn more about their past.


  • Be Mighty: Play as a team of heroic protectors, each with unique skills and powers. Master each hero and unleash their devastating ultimate abilities!
  • Assemble Your Team: Combat isn’t based on random numbers; knowing which hero Team Up abilities are best for the job will be key to your success!
  • Level Up: Complete challenging missions and side-quests to improve your heroes with new abilities and powerful upgrades!
  • Defeat Evil: Face down vile villains and criminal corporate henchmen. Do you have what it takes to free your city from the clutches of villainy!?


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