Tennis Manager 2024 Hits Center Court May 23 on PC & Mac

– New features Announcement –

Tennis Manager 2024 will be released on May 23rd on PC & Mac via Steam, Epic Games Store and GOG. Today, the studio unveils new features through the release of their first showcase video. Building on the breakout success of the series’ debut, Tennis Manager 2024 takes the experience to new heights of immersive realism, both on and off the court.

In short, this new opus introduces revamped training to better simulate professional-level training sessions, with a new system of form and a new injury management system, combined with new ergonomics.

While Tennis Manager 2024 offers even more control for managers to develop their players’ unique personalities (new game plan balance, new player attributes), the tennis franchise continues to set the bar in terms of animation quality in tennis games. Managers will feel closer to the court than ever before, enabling them to make the right decisions.

A final major area of improvement is the addition of a new immediately playable mode called “Fantasy Court” that will onboard more fans and further engage the Tennis Manager community of active fans and streamers. In just two clicks, managers can either create a fictional tournament or replay a legendary tournament draw, such as Rafael Nadal’s first win at Roland Garros. This way, managers can challenge their friends and tell new, engaging tennis stories.

To connect even further with our fans, the team at Rebound will proudly present, in detail, all of Tennis Manager 2024’s main new features on May 15, during an interactive live broadcast on Twitch and Youtube, which fans will be able to attend.

Tennis Manager 2024 will be available on May 23rd via Steam for $39.99 / 33.99 £ / €39.99. The game will be discounted during its launch period. Owners of Tennis Manager 2023 will receive an additional discount on Steam.


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