PlayFusion’s Ascendant Infinity releasing the very first gameplay Trailer

PlayFusion shares an action-packed trailer and teases the upcoming Closed Beta Test

PlayFusion, the indie-studio with a neon-drenched, 80s-infused, explosive AAA vision, is pleased to reveal the very first gameplay trailer for their upcoming, over-the-top shooter, Ascendant Infinity. This isn’t your granddad’s FPS unless he’s into a brand spanking new 3v3v3v3 squad-based shooters with serious balls. A shooter with game changing Event-balls and extensive adrenaline fueled Battle-balls.

What is an Adaption shooter, you ask? Well… think of an evolving team-based objective shooter where players must work together to not only overcome other teams, but also the ever shifting-world around them. Every time you go out, the map will be different. Landscapes, extraction points, strategies, events, teams. None of them stay the same, constantly reshaping the battleground, forcing you to out-think, outmaneuver, and outshoot the poor bastards eyeing your biocores. That’s what makes an Adaption Shooter!

Players can sign up for the upcoming Closed Beta via When it begins, Closed Beta participants can look forward to experiencing it. Ascendant Infinity is available to wishlist on Steam and Epic Store right now. Find out more on the game’s official Discord.


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