The Alters Gameplay Reveal Is Here, Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor - Alexis Carrel

Today, Polish developer 11 bit studios revealed a first-look gameplay trailer for their upcoming emotional sci-fi game The Alters, along with the news that the title will launch on Microsoft’s PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for console services. The Alters’ gameplay trailer shows the first look at Jan Dolski’s quest to escape a perilous planet while searching for the answer to the most oft-asked question in human history: what if?

Inspired by the critically acclaimed title This War of Mine, The Alters thrusts players into a heart-pounding battle for survival that Jan can’t conquer alone. After crash landing on a desolate planet with a scorching star, Jan must avoid the murderous conditions by taking refuge in a cutting-edge mobile base. The only issue? It’s meant to be operated by a skilled team and he’s just Jan.

Thankfully, fate takes a turn with the discovery of Rapidium, a mysterious substance exclusive to this perilous world. Interacting with the Quantum Computer on board the mobile base allows Jan to manipulate pivotal decisions from his past—creating alternate versions of himself known as Alters—that have the potential to change everything.

The Alters are indispensable allies and they possess diverse skill sets crucial for repairing the base, sustaining life, crafting essential tools, and mining precious resources. However, they’re also more than mere taskbots, with each operating as a sentient being, complete with unique emotions, goals, and even a dash of existential doubt thrown in. While this does potentially open the door for chaos, their collective goal remains the same: survive, escape, and do it all by themselves.

The Alters will launch later this year for Windows 11 PC and consoles. The game will also be coming to both PC Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for console upon its release.


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